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Manifold barb hose connection - Do you use glue?


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Hi All,

I'm replacing a manifold on my Thermospa tub.  When connection .75" ID (1" OD) hose to the manifold barbs or jet barbs, do you use PVC glue, or just use the clamps? Or something else?

From what I can tell the manufacturer just used the clamps as I was able to remove the hoses with some heat and gentle twisting, but I'd like some input on the best way to put this back together.



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Thanks for the response guys.  I always appreciate the guidance from all three of you. I think I'll use glue on the manifold side and just the clamps on the jet side.  My logic being if my manifold repair leaks and I need to redo it, I won't need to replace jets too.  I do know I could cut the hose and use a M/M adapter to avoid that...  I'm probably overthinking the whole thing.

Any other tips on working with hoses/barbs is appreciated.  I've been heating the hose until it's soft and then just working it onto the barbs.  Some are tougher than others. I've seen some people use a silicon sealant (non-adhesive) on the barbs.  I'm not sure if that eases installation, prevents leaks or both.

Again any further advice is always appreciated.



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