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Sodium Bromide and MPS vs Bleach (in Canada)


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Just wanted to double check I’ve done the right thing. I acquired Bromine Booster product (pure sodium bromide) and added it to my fresh filled swim spa, and then shocked it with MPS. I guess this combination is supposed to be “illegal” in Canada? Am I just supposed to use bleach (or dichlor) to shock? 

Physics is no different on this side of the border, is there any reason why I could not continue to use MPS to shock? My preferred system would be to add MPS after each usage and additionally use chlorine shock weekly.


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Separately, I am also wondering if a 3 step system with a bromine puck floater (which in Canada are always a mix of bromide and dichlor now it seems, and usually mostly the latter) is really recommended if there’s a good amount of bromide bank in the spa to begin with and we add MPS after each use?

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