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Pentair Easy touch problems

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I have a pentair easy touch control panel with variable speed pump, booster, another pump for water features.  It will not turn on the main filter pump on schedule.  I can turn on manually by hitting the button, but it will not on schedule.  It will turn on lights and ozone on schedule, but not the main pump.  checked the program and no issues.  Its not an electrical problem, because I can turn it on, its a panel not telling the pump to turn on problem (lack of better explanation).  any help will be appreciated. 

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Please bare  with me, as  am new to this.  I changed out the relay with one not being used and it is not the relay.  The installer programmed the pump to run 1215 am to 1200am, and it is still showing that.  I can hit the F button and it will start up but run for what I believe is 12 hrs, then stop.  I read somewhere to unplug all of the relays and maybe it will reset, but does not.  We went out of town for weekend and came back to this.  Trying to trouble shoot before having to order a new board.  

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Sounds like perhaps a communication problem.  If your pump is "talking" to the automation properly, you shouldn't be able to turn the pump on at the pump.  What does the display on the pump say?

Something else, Did your installer wire the pump directly from the breaker? Or does it go through the E/T relay?  VS pumps must be wired directly from the breaker (full time). When you have a variable speed pump the F or "filter" relay is just for accessories to the filter like the Ozone unit or the Cl generator, or makes power available to the cleaner pump, not the (Variable speed) filter pump. Single speed pump? Yes. But not a VS.  The E/T turns on and off the pump via the communication cable signal, not by applying power. If you had just the VS pump and no automation, say a time clock then simply applying power would run the pump just as you are doing manually now. 

Does that make sense?

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