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High alkalinity and ph

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Despite adding probably 3+pounds of ph decreased over the course of several days, my alkalinity is still over 400. My ph is high as well. I have 0 hardness in my water so I am not all too concerned other than needing to get it in range to maximize my chlorine. 


Should I just skip the ph decreaser and dump muratic acid in? Our pool required 8 gallons at startup and usually 4-6 gallons when we reopen it each year. 


Please help!!! 

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Hi,  have you tested your chlorine level - if  too high it can throw off all other readings.

Also, I would follow the 'reducing alkalinity' sticky that it is near the top of the posts.  The process involves using dry acid or muriatic acid, and it focuses on reducing alkalinity while keeping pH within a reasonable range.

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