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New owner @ease issues

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I just got a new hot tub a month ago and am working through figuring out a maintenance routine.  I have a @ease floater system with chlorine. I have upped the dial from 1 to now 3 and still is showing low on the test strips on my weekly testing. 

i have been adding 2oz of chlorine then but the next week it is back to showing too low. Not sure how to test what the actual levels are or what they should be. Any ideas?


also my ph keeps creeping up every week. I use it 6 days a week myself for maybe 30/day. I have the air jets running and I know that can increase ph but I don’t think I am using it enough to have it increase so much. Any tips?

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Free chlorine in your water is dependent how much you add, how long ago it was added and your bather load and other chlorine demands from things such as a dirty filter or biofilm in your hot tub pipes. 

Wisdom in this forum says that new hot tubs are filthy from the factory and will likely have biofilm in the pipes from leftover water at the factory.  You should consider purging your pipes on your first water change.  Many of us like ah-some pipe cleaner for this purpose. This will reduce your chlorine demand on your next fill.

You should also provide a full set of water test results for us to help you troubleshoot your pH issue.  If you do not have a liquid test kit, take your water to a pool store and have them test it for you.

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