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Biofilm - after a full clean

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 I have a HotSprings limelight pulse  and I used swirlaway then emptied my tub cleaned it all and filled it back up. After a couple of uses I am getting a lot of stick stuff at the water level and the grey filter area is really sticky, please see the images I uploaded. I’m assuming that this has come from the pipes. My water is clear my chlorine level is good ph was high when I filled up but brought that down as I assumed I had hard water. I put a new filter in but the film keeps coming back. Having just emptied and cleaned etc I am a bit loath to do it all again. Could some please confirm this is in fact biofilm and is coming from the pipes. If I have to I’m guessing I’ll have to bite the bullet and clean it all again. Any help is appreciated I’m at a loss as to how this has happend




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Hi David:  You did the right thing in purging your Hot Tub to remove plumbing bio-gunk.  I am surmising that the Swirl Away was not totally effective in the bio removal.  You still have materials that need to be cleaned out.  Our testing has proven that the Swirl Away product was the least impressive regarding eradication results of all the brands that were tested at MSU in Bozeman, Mt. I will post those results for you.  Purge again using a different product.  I do think that you will see that you still had some nasty build up that was left behind.  Was the released stuff you show in the images biofilm?  Some of it could be along with a plethora of other gunk and grime that hot tub and jetted bathtub plumbing will always have until an effective plumbing cleaner flushes it out.  Then, it starts all over again David.  You will need to purge the plumbing every 4-6 months for effective hot tub chemical balance.  Here is the posting for the testing.  
See Swirl Away results.


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Hi Ahhsomeguy

Thanks for your response. I made an assumption that it was bio-gunk. Thanks for that repot that was quite interesting. I’m going to purge it all again I just have one question if I may. Would you please the cleaner directly into the filter area where it can be drawn through the pumps or directly into the water. I think this is where I made the mistake as I just put it in the water. I guess I’ve kind of answered that myself. The filter area would be best. I saw that it was suggested to leave the cleaning fluid in overnight then run pumps again, then empty. Is this the best way

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If you use Ahh-Some, we recommend that you remove your filter(s) and add the Ahh-Some gel directly into the filled hot tub.  You only use a small amount of the blue gel as it is highly concentrated.  Hose your filter(s) off and place them in the tub proper as the purge is in process.  Just let the filter(s) move about inside the hot tub and we will deep clean the pleats as a filter cleaner bonus.  Run the purge for 30 minutes.  Drain, rinse and wipe the shell removing all the sticky sediment that you will see released.  Refill, balance the water, place the cleaned filter(s) in the filter well and you are good to go.  Please report your results after the second purge.

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