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High phosphate

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I've got a 3600 gallon above-ground pool.  I took a water sample in to Leslie's for free water test and got a reading for high phosphates, like 5000 ppb.  Of course Leslie's tried to push No Phos chemical on me, but I feel that maybe it's just time to drain the pool and add fresh water.

Anyone agree???

By the way: Leslie's is quite expensive for everything, and there are about 5 Leslie's within a 2 mile radius of me, they bought out almost every other place !!!

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I decided to drain and re-fill.  Chlorine neutralizer at Leslie's was 3X the price I paid over a decade ago, didn't want to risk damaging some grass.

I dragged out my 20-year-old $61 FloTec submersible pump from Home Depot, and it did its job draining. However, pump motor gave its life in the process, could only get it to spin occasionally. So I tried to take it apart to investigate, turns out that the motor section is bathed in oil, got all over me. Anyway, pool is refilling now, and if I need such pump again, still available at HomeDepot.com for $64 !!!!

It's refilled now (Sunday morning), need to vacuum it this morning and add cyanuric acid and buffering chemicals, and chlorine

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