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Chlorine floater advise

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Can anyone who is using chlorine in a floater give me some advice? I have a 450 gallon tub and it seems like my chlorine spikes whenever I put the floater in. I have like 5 mini 1” tablets in it and it is only open 1/4” at most. When the level gets high I take the floater out till I gets back to normal. Then put floater back in and the next day really high again. Am I using to many tablets?


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30 minutes ago, Tom Fitz said:

give me some advice

Don't use chlorine in a floater. You will kill your spa. Chlorine pucks are for pools. If you dislike bromine use chlorine in granular form and add a teaspoon to tablespoon as needed (2-3 x a week depending on bather load). Bromine in a floater yes and then use a small amount of bromine granule as a booster when needed. To change from chlorine to bromine recommend you change water first.


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It's because the chlorine trichlor tablets are made for pools and can break down too fast in hot tub water.  Some brands specifically state your warranty is void if using trichlor tablets in floater.


I advise looking into an alternative care routine

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I used granular chlorine forever, just switched to bromine.  Won't switch back.  The only issue I have with the switch is that the water doesn't "sparkle" like it did with chlorine.   It's clean and sanitized, don't get me wrong, just does not sparkle like a diamond anymore. 


Good Luck!

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