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Ozone Module, mozzie venturi, not enough draw on filtration cycle - thoughts?

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Brand new here.  I inherited my grandmother's Watkins Solano tx Spa.  It has a T7 topside controller with the C5 controller board and electric heater. I bought the ozone module for it and installed the mozzie venturi injector in the proper direction with the flow following the arrows on the hoses. Followed protocol and made the ozone line loop up inside the cavity above the water line to prevent backflow, check valve in place, etc, etc.

  • From my observation I can see the ozone light come on during the filtration cycle as expected, but on the filtration cycle, my single pump doesn't draw enough suction to suck the ozone into the line. 
  • When I turn Jet 1 on (activating highspeed, I see that the venturi draws down the (small amount of) water in the line near the top of the venturi, but at the same time, the power to the ozone is cut.  So I get suction and flow when my single pump is on high speed, but the ozone module goes off.  If I turn off the high speed on the pump back down to circ, the ozone comes on... so I'm concerned I'll either break the ozone module or I'll never get bubbles.

I do not see a programming setting within the T7, neither in the P-1 programming, nore in the P-2 programming that will activate the ozone module during high speed.  Since I can't get the venturi/suction/draw needed on the filtration cycle, I feel stuck. 

Any input would be really appreciated. 
Jason B



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Yeah, that chart is confusing, but I think I figured it out.   The kit I got doesn't specify the flow rate (or any number) related to that chart. I don't know what the flow rate is of the spa pump (low speed), so I feel like I'm stabbing in the dart.  Looks to me like the chart is saying that the "motive flow rate" is the rate at which fluid needs to flow through the injector to cause suction. if I choose a 584k injector and that is rated for 20PSI... the minimum starting "motive flow rate" would be 4.2GPM.. and that the drop across the injector from the original 20PSI would be 5PSI (down to 15PSI) 
I could be very wrong about my interpretation.  

I got this:Clarathon HCD-55 Spa Ozonator Kit: Hi-Output Ozone Generator for Hot Tubs & Swim Spas - Universal: 120V / 240V

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