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2013 Arctic Spa Cub Overheating

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I have a 2013 Arctic Spa Cub that I'm having an issue with. For the last month or so it seems to be overheating the water during it's filter cycles, I notice I can hear the cabinet fan running as it tries to exhaust excess heat. The spa is set to 100 degrees but it seems like the filter cycles run for longer than they are supposed to and the spa overheats. The filter duration is set to set to 1 (1 hour) and the filter frequency is set to 4 (4 cycle per day). I was just listening to the spa and it seemed like it was running for a long time so I checked on it and it was at 107 degrees, it eventually hit 108 and the filter cycle stopped.

It doesn't show any errors or anything. I tried power cycling it by turning off the breaker and that didn't work. The control board is relatively new, I replaced it just over a year ago. Any ideas on what could be going on? Stuck relay on the board and then the spa turns off when it hits 108?

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Anyone have any advice on what might be the issue? It seems like the spa just keeps running forever once it starts its filter cycle. Would this be an issue with the pump 1 low relay? Unfortunately, that relay is one of the ones that is soldered onto the board. There are five relays that can be swapped out but it doesn't look like any of them are related to pump 1 low. I've tried changing out Pump4/BL2 and Pump5/BL1 (just randomly trying different relays) but that didn't seem to change anything. Here are a couple picture of the board and diagram. The led "D19" next to the capacitor on the bottom right is always lite up, not sure if that means anything?



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