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How much chlorine do I need?

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I have had a TidalFit EP-14 for a year now and I can not figure out how much chlorine I should be using. I feel like I’m using plenty, but my test strip barely ever registers any chlorine at all.  During the summer, I made countless trips to the pool store to get my water checked, but no one else in the area has a Swim Spa so they really weren’t much help. I contacted the store we bought the spa from, but I honestly don’t trust much they say.

For now I want to focus on getting the chemicals right for the winter. We live in New Jersey so the temperature has been 30s-50s. We only use the spa for about half an hour once a week, the rest of the time it has an insulated cover on it. I keep the temperature at 95 degrees. My question is, what type, how much and how often do I need to be putting chlorine in the spa? It is a 1600 gallon spa. I’m not sure if this question is too vague, but any help anyone can provide would be great!

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