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Caldera Spa heater tuns on 5 seconds only

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Hi everyone

Caldera Utopia 2002-2009

My friend had not used his spa in many years.  The circulator pump was burn out, so i plumbed in a sump pump.  The temp light stopped flashing on the top control, the heater kicked in, and everything seemed ok.  Months later he finally had someone swap in a new circulator pump and filter.  Despite great flow and the pressure switch being closed, no heat.  He has also now replaced the temp sensors and I think the trombone as well.  I was there last week and checked the trombone resistance along with the temps sensors and everything seemed ok.

Here's the issue: after powering up, the main board puts power to the trombone heater.  The LED comes on, and the limit sensor is not tripped, and the pressure switch stays closed, but after 5 seconds, it shuts off power to the heater.

Anyone have any ideas?  Thanks!

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Does your board look like this one?

When it calls for heat check the two heater contacts. If it's 240V you should have 120V when checking each contact to ground and you should have 240V when checking between both contacts. If you don't, your problem is probably the heater relay board. You can also pull the board and see if any of the solders are burnt from a short on the backside.


Caldera 2.png

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Thanks for the reply!  Ya that’s my board and yes I’m getting 220V all the way to the trombone heater. The 220 cuts out after 5 seconds. I checked resistance on the heater and it was i think 15 ohms. Does the relay board have any protections built in that might cause the shutdown?

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