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Balboa M7 sensor question

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I rented a house for 3 months.  One of the main reasons was it came with a hot tub.  This is my first time with a hot tub experience and boy am I learning a lot already.  The model is a dreammaker Balboa rs101 board.

I get all the supplies, change the water, turn it on and get a flashing Sn error code alternating with the temperature.  Contact the landlord and landlord tells me its my responsibility to take care of the hot tub if I want to use it (which is BS) but long story is I work with this person's husband and I don't want to make it awkward.

So I start researching and it seems its a temperature sensor, look up the part and it seems like a simple fix and not worth arguing with the real estate property manager over it for a 30 dollar part.  I order the part, change it out and get the same error message still.  I read its unlikely that both sensors will go out but who knows. 

I put the board into test mode and sensor A is 65 and sensor B is 69, I swap the positions and it still says sensor A is 65 and sensor B is 69.  I swapped the old sensor with the other old sensor and kept the new one in and it still says A is 65 and B is 69 with alternating Sn. 

Do I just give up at this point?  Or do I try one last thing and get another sensor and this way I've swapped both out.  I'm not wanting to spend hundreds-thousands of dollars to fix someone else's hot tub.


Thanks in advance for reading the long story.

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On 1/28/2023 at 6:44 PM, dannyelectron said:

I read its unlikely that both sensors will go out but who knows.

So I had a temperature sensor fail on my 2019 Hotspring (covered under warranty).  General rule of thumb for Watkins/Hotspring is to replace both temperature sensors under warranty with the thinking that if one failed from a batch, there is a statistical increase in the odds that the second one did or can fail again.

That said if you have a multimeter you can measure the resistance of the temperature sensors to confirm they are reading within range.  Lookup on google for balboa temperature resistor chart and then measure the resistance of each temperature sensor then match up to the chart to confirm they're reading within correct range.

For what it's worth, dreammaker is more of an entry level product anyway so I wouldn't put too much effort or money into fixing it lol

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