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2017 Caldera Paradise Martinique not heating


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So I have a 2017 Caldera Paradise Martinique not heating up. It has power, no tripped breaker, and I have isolated it to the board. The fuse on the main board is fine. The LED for the heater does not come on. So, where do I start with troubleshooting? I am very handy with tools to include my voltmeter and resoldering board components if I have to. I even wish I could get a repair manual but, I am sure they are only available to factory authorized service reps.






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Added the whole board to clarify for a reply to help.
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@CanadianSpaTechI added some pics. I am getting the voltage values from the main board to the heater board. It seems like the heater board is not getting the proper signal to the relay board to send that power out to the heater itself. I also jumped the pressure switch on the main board with no luck. I can see a small "heater on" LED up on the top much like the Jets On LEDs but, it does not light regardless of what I do. It has a circulation pump running when the jets are not on and the jets all work in their various modes. When I had the heater out to repair a leak, it registered 4 Ohms from one side of the element to the other when it was isolated on the bench. So, now I am ready for the next trial areas.



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9 hours ago, Carl M. said:

Before you go pulling the boards apart turn power off to the spa, pull the filters out, turn power back on and see if it starts heating. if not, let me know and we will go to the next step


It's not his filters. If you go back and read the replies, you will see that he is not getting voltage to the heater. A Watkins tub should have 240V between H1 and H2 when calling for heat, if it's not getting 240V, it's something electrical related.

OP. I'm not sure that 4 ohms is showing a good heater. Normally we look for 10-14 ohms. 

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Filter is out. I can't even get the 240V to the heater leads to really test whether or not the heater 4 Ohm reading is acceptable. It has good flow, circulation, air and jets and waterfall are all strong. So, my problem has to be on one board or the other.

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