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1. Can I trust the Taylor Watergram Calculator

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First off, credit to this forum and its many knowledgeable contributors. Thank you for saving me from what would have been an expensive downward spiral of regret over my hot tub purchase 5 months ago.

I have a Jacuzzi j-245 360gal. using Tab/floater bromine sanitizer and chlorine shock.

pH:   7.6

Alkalinity:   50-60ppm

Calcium:   210ppm


1.       Can I trust the Taylor Watergram Calculator that came with my kit (K-2106) even if my alkalinity level is outside of Taylor’s (100 -120) recommended range?

2.       I’m assuming the Saturation Index target of 0.0 and a stable pH are more important than keeping the alkalinity level between 100 and 120. Is this correct?

Because I had to lower my alkalinity to between 50-60ppm to stabilize the pH, the calculator told me to increase the Calcium level to around 210ppm to achieve a Saturation Index of 0.

I am concerned that a high calcium level will cause troubles that I’m not experienced enough to recognize.

Lastly, if you have any wisdom about service/maintenance of an outdoor Jacuzzi j-245 Please share.

Thanks again.

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From what I learned here on this forum saturation index is not important with a fiberglass/acrylic hot tub. It is of relevance for certain kinds of swimming pools that have uncovered concrete containment and maybe other situations.  

I think anything between 160ish and 200ish ppm on CH is OK.  I wouldn't worry about 210.  If your ph is stable in the 7.6-7.8 just enjoy your tub...you are golden.

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