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Help....I'm stuck in TA / Ph down "loop"


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I'm stuck.  My water naturally has a TA for 40.  I bring it up with baking soda to 100-140.  However this causes my ph to spike...when I try to lower it with PH Down (sodium bisulfate) it brings down my TA With it.  I'm not clear what exactly I am suppose to do in the situation.  I assume I just have to accept a low TA level?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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I keep my pH around 60 to limit how quickly the pH goes up while using the dichlor then bleach method for sanitation.  With bromine you will have less of a problem with pH running upward so you should be higher than 60.  I would try 80 for your TA and monitor the pH.  If you find the pH is still low after aeration,  try increasing the TA 5 ppm at a time until your ph stays in the the mid-7.x range.

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