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'97 Tiger River Siberian power surge


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Hoping I can get some help diagnosing my spa following a nearby lightning strike. I thought the spa was ok, found the 30A GFI was tripped, did a reset and thought all was ok (heard circulator pump kick on, heater relays, etc). Sometime later found 50A house breaker tripped. Reset will run for 10-15 minutes, and trips again. Replaced the 30A GFCI since test mode wasn't working, the 50A breaker still trips.
Opened up the IQ2000 control box to start troubleshooting. Biggest surprise to me was the Htr On LED stays on regardless of the control thermostat position (i.e. no voltage changes at relays with control rotated to "off" position, up to full blast position). Am I right assuming "full off" should stop sending power to the heater?
I replaced the control thermostat board, no change. Unplugging this board turned off LIM OK and HTR ON, and turned on Control Unplugged LED.
Resistance at the heater is 9-10 ohms; incoming voltage checks out ok, relays getting 20 v at coils, delivering 240 v to the heater. Two oddball findings, don't know if they're relevant; first with the 30A breaker off, seeing 2.5 v on one of the hot wires (probe between hot red and white common). Other hot wire measures 0 v as expected.
Other oddball, when I touch one probe to the relay coil terminal, the relay powers down for a few seconds, then powers back up. Touching the second probe to the second terminal has no effect.
My biggest question right now is, if my htr on is a real issue, do you think my motherboard is toast? If yes, it might be sawzall time...heavy sigh. If this isn't an issue, happy to dig in further to the tripping breaker problem. If my attached images come through, please ignore the burn marks on the schematic, thats from a relay melt down several years ago.
Huge thank you for any suggestions you can offer!



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