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Screen doing fuzzy things


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Hi friends, 

I hope you are well. With these increasingly cooler temperatures, our hot tubs are really nice.
The reason I'm contacting you is because the screen on my 2011 HotSpring Jetsetter is doing strange things. There are some vertical lines and the screen is turning almost white. Then when I press a button on the control panel, it goes back to its normal color (but the dashes are persistent) and then quickly goes all white again.

I don't know if it's water, if it's just the screen that needs to be changed, or the whole control panel. I don't know either if it's a software bug (should I do a reset?).

And I don't know where to get the parts or how to take it apart. If this problem has already happened to you, could you tell me how you fixed it?

And especially to avoid the failure to happen again (gasket to change ?)

Thanks a lot for your help

Manu (from France)




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Love my 2019 Jetsetter - best three seater in the industry!

That looks like your screen is burning out - could be due to water/moisture, or just the age of the screen.

The tough part is going to be finding replacement parts.  If I'm not mistaken Watkins/Hotspring had an issue with a supplier going out of business and they had to completely rebuild new parts which are not cross compatible with each other.  You may be able to get a replacement top-side panel cheap, but I think you might have to replace the entire spa pack if you want to go new. 

Some people sort through hottub junkyards and ebay to find replacement parts, other people have successfully removed the screen and replaced just the LCD panel (I seem to recall the screen used the same display as an older HP PDA device, but that's a long shot to find the exact part and have the skillset to solder dozens of pins on the panel).

Personally I say if the screen display works sometimes and you can still use the spa without the display, just do that for now until you need to replace it or the whole tub.

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Looks like the LCD is failing.  Unfortunately, the electronics mfg they used from Q3 2009 - Q2 2012 did go out of business and the displays are no longer available.  Unless you can source a used one, a new control panel and control box + software are what will be needed.  Probably looking around $1,000 in parts plus you will need the software from your dealer

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