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One set of jets work, the others do not.


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I have a 500 gallon Clearwater Spa from 2009.  Hooked up the spa for the season and one set of jets is not working.  It has four zones of jets and two pumps, each pump running two sets of jets.  Pump A runs jet zones 1 and 2.  When I turn on zone 1 I can see the pump turn on and the jets work.  I then turn off zone 1 and when I turn on zone 2 it makes a small noise but the pump doesn't turn on so it doesn't seem like an airlock (I would think the pump would spin for a bit with an airlock).  I opened up the control panel and wiring.  I checked all the fuses I could see and checked to make sure all connection were tight.  

Any ideas out there?

Thanks so much!  J

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