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circulation pump on timer?


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Hello -- this is my first post after searching on this topic.

Bottom Line Up Front: I want to convert my continuous (24/7) circ pump to timer control.


  • Older (12-15 yrs) Baja Sportub with circ pump providing suction on separate filter/heat loop (jet pump and jet plumbing separate from filter/heat loop).
  • Everything is 240V -- service comes up thru deck to junction box inside spa cabinet, and then connects to control/heater pack with whip; pack provides power to jet pump, circ pump and ozonator.
  • Circ pump (1/16 HP I think) operates continuosly (unswitched, no topside control), which is annoying (vibration/noise transmitted to house through deck).
  • I'd prefer to run circ/filter mostly at night, and as needed during day to maintain temperature -- I'm considering a control like this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08VS7SRHN

Potential Solutions

  • Install timer between control/heater pack and circ pump (pack still powers circ pump).
  • Disconnect circ pump from control/heater pack and splice to 240V service (with timer) at junction box inside spa cabinet.
  • In either case, the control/heater pack would detect low flow ("FLO") and deactivate heater until flow is restored.


  • Would installing timer on the control pack-circ pump circuit stress or otherwise damage the control pack electronics?
  • Would more frequent cycling of the flow sensor (and operating in a "FLO" error state) cause any issues?

Anybody tried this? Thanks for your thoughts!


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