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Lay-z-spa Miami pump intermittent failure and now dead - new GFCI needed?


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Hi all

My hot tub pump (Lay-z-spa Miami) powered off last week, wasn't sure why. Pressed the GFCI reset button and started it back up... was ok for a couple of days and heated pool back up but went outside yesterday and it was off again. 

Pressed the GFCI reset button again and nothing happened. Tried unplugging for 10 seconds and turning back on. Didn't get anything at first but then I noticed a glow on the GFCI; pressed reset and it working again. Saw the light on the pump... but it faded after a couple of seconds and died. Nothing I did then got get it to come alive again plus the rain was horrendous so left it for the day.

Tried resetting the RCD in the house today, re-plugging, tried the second outdoor plug I have etc etc. Nothing. No light on the GFCI (note that there is a light on the outdoor plugs, there is power getting to these).

I.e. do I just buy a replacement GFCI or do I need to "prove" it's this in some way? What else could I test?

Photo for reference.



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Thanks... I do have a multi meter but I'm not great with it and when there's 240v involved (UK) I'm a little reluctant to poke about!!

Unless someone else has some wise suggestion on checking something else easily (i.e. without the risk of frying myself) it sounds like replacing the GFCI cord is a good way to go then :)

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