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Proper Wiring for J270 from board to heater, need help


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Hi All,


Back again. And I'm about to go to a professional if I cannot get a clear answer.

I have a J270 Jacuzzi hot tub from 2010 without a circulation pump and have replaced the wires from J33 and J34 to the heating element a few times now.

I'm starting to wonder if I have the correct control board based on the drawing. 

As these have burned up from the image I'm wondering if the gauge was off or if there was somewhere I could buy a kit. 

This is dangerous for a fire to flare up so I'm leaning towards calling an electrician to get it properly wired if I cannot find a wiring kit. 

Last used was a 8AWG cable pictured in green but clearly that wasn't good enough. 

Any ideas?








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8 GA ground wire is sufficient, where 6 GA Black, White and Red (for 220V) is sufficient for current carrying conductors. This is good for 60A over 50'.

Many electricians will use 4 GA with a 6 GA ground but that is overkill for less than 50' distances.

If you used 8 GA for all, yes, it can burn up as it's too small.

Something is shorted. Just not sure what.

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Could be loose Crimp on the wire, or loose connection on the terminal. That puppy is pulling about 20 amps.

By the way, who is running a load on a green coded conductor? (Shame Shame).

(just dismounted my high horse)

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Solid point on the green wire. That green wire is also only rated for 75°C.

The other wires feeding the heater are attached and say 10 AWG 600v  105°C.

My question is now, should I just attempt to match that wire feeding the heater into J7 and J8?

Or would a 90°C 8 AWG work as that is all I've been able to find?

I replaced and connected using the above option with new crimps but just as a test. Wanted to get more feedback before leaving it on over night. 



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That heater is likely a 5.5kw, pulling 24 amps and is fine with awg#10 wire (rated for 30 amps).

Most store-bought crimp connectors are rated for 20 (yellow) or less. The original had connectors rated for 25 amps and soldered on. 

Loose connection on the heater terminal is another common issue. Be sure to hold the terminal post while tightening the nut.

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