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It's a new tub - new tubs are filthy from factory assembly/testing.   Lots of nasty stuff festers in the plumbing before delivery day.     If I were you, I'd grab a purge product like AhhSome, and then purge the hot tub extensively (run jets with purge cleaner for 30 minutes, off for 10 while cleaning scum at water line, run jets again for 30 minutes, clean scum at water line, repeat multiple times until nothing else comes out of the plumbing and settles at water line, then drain/refill).

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11 hours ago, Leospack4 said:

I appreciate the advise. I sure hate the thought of draining the tub and refilling!! I’ll check for the product you mention. Thanks again. 

Yeah, it stinks to drain/refill so soon - think of it like airing out a new car by rolling down the windows for a few days.  Water chemistry will be much easier after the first drain/refill anyway.  Especially if you take the time to properly purge the internals before draining and refilling. 

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You could probably get away with running your spa for 3-4 months and then purge, drain and refill.  It's a bit less painful. You do run the risk though you will probably fuss with getting the water balanced initially.

I'm on a well so have to ration the water while filling as not to deplete my well. I did an initial fill and ran it for 3 months. The chemicals depleted a bit more rapidly than I felt they should and it was getting a bit harder to keep the water balanced. At the end of the first 3 months, I did an AhhSome purge, getting a fair amount of scum out of the plumbing. Drained it and refilled. I'm getting about 5 weeks out of a smartchlor cartridge now instead of 3-4 weeks. Keeping PH right is also now easier.

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