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Intellichlor: no lights, power supply green led on and off

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My Intellichlor (40) is connected to its own Pentair power supply but it has no lights on its panel. The green LED inside the power supply sometimes comes on but is usually off. This is the 2nd power supply. The pool has the right level of salt.. near 3600 ppm. It has flow in the line. It is hot water. The pool's control panel (one with orp/ph probes) shows incorrect salt ppm (2650 ppm). Probes look clean. If I connect the pool's Intellichlor to my Intellicenter panel (remove hot tub power line and connect pool power line), the pool's Intellichlor lights up and works fine. My electrician said proper power was coming through transformer. I haven't tested the output at the power line's connection but that is my next step. The Intellichlor cable is most likely fine because it works when swapped with the hot tub's power source. Only problem seems to be the power supply. Since this one is a replacement power supply (no green LED lit up on old power supply), I am left wondering if this is a power issue that relates to incorrect wiring by the electrician or a power surge from cycling power, whatever (wild guesses). Again, I can get a green LED on the power supply circuit board to light up but I haven't figured out what causes it to light up only occasionally. The intellichlor never lights up on this power supply. I can cycle power to the power supply from my intellicenter panel. Any help is appreciated.

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