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My "new" Spa pack!


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I'm not sure if I'm posting this because I'm so excited and am about to head for a soak OR to encourage other tub owners that THEY CAN DO IT!

So after a few weeks of searching and debating about spending the money on my tub, I walked into a yard sale on a Saturday morning.  There was a spa pack in a box in the garage.

How much I ask?  $20!  What do I have to lose?  I can't get a pizza for $20 these days.

So here I am.  Heater was longer than my other pack.  Needed a pump cord.  $20 for the cord, $25 for the PVC and BELIEVE IT OR NOT my topside control fit!  

So if your tub doesn't leak, you're happy with the jet situation, etc "GO FOR IT"  (It wasn't working anyway!)

Happy Tubbing, everyone!


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