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Hotspring Grandee 2020 remote not working


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My remote does not seem to work.  If I press a function nothing happens, but if the function is pressed on the docking station the remote will change screens to correspond this the dock button pressed.  I seems that the remote will receive signals from the tub, but the tub does not seem to get signals from the remote.  It has worked on and off and i changed the Channel and restarted the remote.  Any ideas?

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1) try to restart remote the easy way: Press hold the top corner  (where the battery icon is located) for 10+ seconds - the remote should reboot itself and try to re-connect to the spa.

2)  Remove battery from back of remote (don't lose any screws!) - turn off power to spa for 30 seconds, then power back up.  After a minute, install battery into remote, and see if it connects.

If neither of those two options work, check to confirm that the charging dock lights are not blinking (very dim lights on the buttons so its hard to see in daylight) - if the lights on the buttons on the charging dock are blinking, the unit is in pair mode and looking for a remote (I forget how to force the remote into pairing mode, but I seem to recall removing the remote battery was required).

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