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Help, Repeat Issues with Swim Spa


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Our family got a Master Spas H2x Trainer 19D was delivered Oct 2021 and got it hooked up in Feb of 2022.  I've had to drain and refill the Pool side once and the Hot Tub part now 4 or 5 times.  The water ends up turning like a dirty yellowish color and then on the sides has this yellow/light brownish granules residue on the sides at water level.  I went to our local Pool/Hot Tub Place and had them test the water and they said that it is from over saturation of chemicals.  I've followed the maintance guide in the manual and instructions for the chemicals.  And just put in what was needed but this just keeps happening.  We haven't even really used the Swim Spa a lot either.  I don't know what else to do.  This is getting very frustrating.

I've cleaned out the hot tub and cleaned out all the stuff from the water line.  I have not drained it via the drain as I can't find where the drain is on my Swim Spa.  at least nothing that looks like a clear drain and looked through the manual but could not find anything like that for my Swim Spa model.  Also 1 of the time I drained it and refilled it ran the pumps a bit and then redrained it again.

Any help would be great thanks. 

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Grainy or sandpaper-like deposits are scale, which is calcium and other dissolved solids coming out of solution from high ph/alk. Aka hard water deposits. High ph results from chemicals and aeration. Keep air controls closed when not in use, balance ph frequently.

Detail your chemical maintenance routine.

Use Ahh-some spa purge at your next refill.

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ph/alk etc are generally always fine as is calcium as well nothing gets out of balance as I do monitor the water very well especially with the issues I've had.lol  I will close off the Air Controls though that was something I didn't know about.  And will try the Ahh-Some next time I drain them.


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