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Watchdog alert "- - -" at start up


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Back again with an issue I hope you all will be able to point me in the right direction. 


I had been away for a week or two and hadn't check my Jacuzzi J270 (without circulator pump) year 2010 in some time. 


Came down and see the - - - message right when I cycle the breaker. 


I've left it off for an hour or two and some issue. 


I originally thought there might have been an issue with one of the wires from the heater to the circuit board (J33) which I replaced with an 8 gauge wire, but still same issue. The wire appeared to have been overloaded and slightly heated/charred. I'm not entirely sure what gauge wire they should be or if a wire kit exists to replace. 


The main motor had been replaced recently, but in general not sure where to go next?

Multimeter time? could it be something else?

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Watch Dog is a way to say that the lines of code do not match their checksum.

Usually the sensors go out of range, or the board is blown and cannot recognize a value being

presented to the processor.

Setting your meter to ohms, and reading the resistance to the tank thermistor, and then the high limit thermistor

should be real close. If not, then replace both sensors. If they are close, then it may be a bad board.

Do NOT yell at me if that wasn't it.

I am fragile

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I had some success after I believe the temp sensor came loose. Jets turned back on and were showing zero on the screen followed by Sn2 after a bit. Reseated the temp sensor and saw 74 and then another power cycle and getting - - - again.

Previously disconnected the heater on J33/34 and same - - - message.

2k ohms reads 1.000 when not touching and .002/3 when touching the two black and white curled finger connectors.

If I remove that connector completely it cycles through for a minute and then the FL1 then back to - - - 

Do I have the correct multimeter to test these sensors?

And am I testing the correct sensors? See J2

No yelling here, greatttllly appreciate the help!



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