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advice on trying to fix old sundance spa.


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I'd appreciate any assistance I can get. I have an old Sundance Spa Marin from 1997 and while physically it looks in very good condition we have to change a part or two to make it work properly. I live in Jamaica so its difficult to find a dealer to say what exactly is wrong. A few years back it stopped regulating heat. What I mean by this is that it heats up but we aren't able to tell it what temperature to heat to so it keeps just getting hotter and hotter and as of now we just manually watch and stop it before it gets too hot. 

In doing research I have come across a place called spadepot that sells spa packs and they recommend the Easy Pack 2002 which we would just retrofit into the spa. I also decided to look at Sundance Spas parts but I cant find a 'spa pack'. What I have noticed is that sites sell circuit boards and/or control panels which seem to be the parts of a spa pack. It has me wondering, suppose I only need a new control panel (the old one has been off for awhile as the person who serviced jacuzzi just rigged a different part to spa which is what controls heater on/off). 

Not sure if its better to just buy easypack which may be more modern or if i should buy sundance parts and if i do buy the sundance parts how do i know exactly which part i should get. 

any assistance in the right direction is appreciated!



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see attached pics of the Hot Tub as well as the spa control system and the command center. Note that it in the pic of the hot tub there is a white button and a black button close to control center that have been being used instead of the control center. My assumption is that the reason the heat isn't regulated is because we need the command center to do just that> i could be wrong though and i don't want to buy the part not knowing. 



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