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We have been advised by the retailer that sold us the swim spa to use the O-Care liquid additive once a week to keep the water "safe, soft and simple". This is a product from the Netherlands with no details as to its ingredients. It is also very expensive (which might explain the retailer's recommendation for its use). O-Care is added in addition to all of the standard spa chemicals (bromine, shock, PH balance, etc.). Does anyone use this product or understand what it actually does? I have spoken to some spa guys with a lot of experience and they say that it is an unnecessary additive but do not know the product. Any ideas?

O-Care Spa Additive.jpg

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Read their website. They say it's a "mineral blend" but not much else. This is always a red flag for me. Minerals are often a keyword for metals like silver, copper and zinc. However, I suspect in this case it's a seqestrant since it says it reduces calcium and also a purge product since it says it helps remove biofilfm. It might also contain borate because borate does reduce sanitizer demand and that is one of the big claims this company makes for their product but that's just a guess. Do you need it?  In a word, no. 

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