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Do ozonator drop chlorene levels faster than normal. I'm having to put approx 1 and half cap of chlorene per day also topping up the pH level daily. I've had my hot tub one week so doubt the water is dirty. I live in soft water area. My tub rx170s 600ltr

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it could be high Phosphate levels… or high TDS… if you have the test strips do a test for this. 

Adjust PH first as this plays a big part in how efficient and effective chlorine is  

Also Do a test and check for combine chlorine and total chlorine it also may just need a super shock dose if it’s chewing through a lot of chlorine… 

also ensure filters are cleaned before doing the super shock etc… 

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Hi I'm using aquasparkle stabilised chlorene granules. Contains dichloroisocyanurate dihydrate. Plus just set up filter cycle twice per day at 2hr at a time previous was only once for one hour although we do use the hot tub daily so not sure if normal use and filter cycle are doing the same thing. But huge thanks for replies I'll keep posting with any updates 

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Update I've just read if a hot tub has an ozonator it will lower the chlorene levels hence when I balance my chlorene at evening by the next day my chlorene levels reading very low according to the article the low readings are normal due to the ozone breaking down the chlorine. Not 100percent sure this is true but sounds reasonable. Article says use less chlorine than normal as the ozonator is cleaning most of the water

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37 minutes ago, Grib said:

when I balance my chlorene at evening

Test 1x per week unless there is a noticeable issue. Does it look clean and smell clean then it is likely clean. There is a chemicals section on this site with lots of good information "Pinned" at top of the page. Suggest you read up. https://www.poolspaforum.com/forum/index.php?/forum/13-hot-tub-water-chemistry/

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