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Bought a House with a Bullfrog Hot Tub (No idea how to use) Please Help.


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I have bought a house with a Bullfrog spa in it and have no idea how to use it.  Do folks have any tips for me?  Also one of the pistons on the cover lid has broken and you can only lift it up so half the hot tub is uncovered.  Should I just remove the broken metal lid manager?  Any help appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

New clueless hot tub owner.


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I'd first start by looking for any dealer info or paperwork from the purchase left by the previous owner. If not, look for the nearest authorized Bullfrog dealer.  

Support them since they're the one's you'll lean on for future service repair needs (and to get replacement parts such as different jet-packs).  The dealer will have the replacement parts for the cover lifter, and they will be able to inspect the spa for any maintenance needs at that time (leaks and such) - there will likely be a dispatch fee involved.   If you find a good dealer (not all are created equal, some care more than others), they may even have a recommended care routine with a cheat-sheet and be willing to teach you while they're out performing service to fix that cover lifter.

Regardless, here are a few things I'd do to start:

  • Figure out filter size and buy replacements (if there's no part numbers, measure length, outside diameter, and inside diameter then shop around online) - you don't know how old those filters are, and you don't want to know how they've been maintained. 
  • Grab a jetted spa purge cleaner and review instructions (I'm a huge fan of AhhSome, but there are other brands on the market, maybe something your local Bullfrog dealer prefers).  Purge the heck out of that plumbing so you can start with a "Clean" tub inside and out (the cleaner you keep the spa, the less sanitizer/chemicals you need to keep it clean).
  • Drain, refill, install new filters, and start practicing your watery chemistry  (there are many different water care routines on the market, some prefer bromine, some prefer chlorine, etc - there are pros and cons to every method). 

Know that hot tubs have the best lifespan when filled with water, balanced, maintained, and heated to temperature - it keeps the rubber seals warm and supple.  Leaving a tub dry/empty or turned off for prolonged periods of time is the easiest ways to kill a hot tub.   If the maintenance becomes too daunting, consider selling while it still holds water/functions before leaving it to rot away on the patio like so many people do haha

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