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Balboa GL2000

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I have recently purchased a second hand spa that has a Balboa GL2000 system. We have found that the circulation pump is running 24/7, even when the spa is at temperature and not heating. 

Is this normal? And is there a way to put it on a timer? It is costing a lot in power. 



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To be clear does the spa have a circulation pump or does the main pump run on low for heating and filtering? If it has a circ pump then 24/7 operation is normal. If you have a main pump running on low then you need to set your filter cycle duration to F2. F2 = 2 hours out of every 12 hour period... if set to say F8 it would run 8 hours out of 12 or 16 out of 24. If set at FC it will filter continuously (24/7). Post pic of topside control and we can find you the correct manual

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