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Replacement spa pack for Arctic Spa

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My 2006 Arctic Spa may need a new pack and topside. The direct replacement looks expensive, and I’m wondering if there is an alternative system I could put in that would be cheaper. The heater is not integrated, and it’s a 2-pump system. Any ideas appreciated.

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Where are you located and what's wrong with the current pack? Post photos of circuit board and schematic on inside cover. Repairing the current board will likely be a lot cheaper than converting the entire system. 

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Ottawa, Ontario.

I am pretty sure the topside has water intrusion. But it used to be that the system would cycle normally. Now it won’t. If the topside is plugged into the standard panel slot on the board, the lights in the tub come on but no pumps. If it is plugged into the optional side panel port on the board, pump 1 comes on top speed for a few mins. Under no circumstances do any buttons do anything. 
thanks for any advice!





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Gecko topside generic replacement: https://www.poolandhottubdepot.com/k-8-sl-tsc-8-ge1-topside-control-for-some-m-class-and-s-class/ 

or https://www.hottubessentials.ca/gecko-tsc-8-topside-control.html 

I have not used the above business and would verify they have in stock before ordering online. Pool and hot tub depot highly recommend and use often when I can't get parts through my wholesaler. Same topside as the Arctic just without the fancy Bear


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