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2002 sundance altimar heater and other problems

Jim Dager

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HI, I have a new to me sundance altimar hot tub that I am trying to diagnose some issues with.  Its been a long time since I have had or worked on a spa, but I am somewhat handy, and would appreciate any guidance on where to go next. It was delivered supposed in fully working condition, needless to say, it was not.  When I first filled it and started it, I got a flo error, thought it was an air pocket even though it was filled with garden hose in filter inlets.  burped some lines, didnt help, dug more into, found the flow switch and circulation pump were replaced by person I got it from.  the wires on both were just twisted together and then wrapped in electrical tape, no wire nuts or anything.  Needless to say they were loose after the move and/or contacting each other.  I rejoined them with wire nuts and secured with electrical tape, and the flo error is gone.  Next, about 10 seconds after turning on, as soon as the heater would kick on, it would trip the GFI breaker.  I found that there was continuity between the red wire post on the relay and ground.  thought the heater or relay was bad, even though the heater is supposed to be brand new.  I loosened the board to see if relay looked burnt up, but found out that the screw on the relay post for the red wire must have broken off and another screw was put in place.  the remaining segment of the original screw was pushed through and contacting the back of the circuit board box, causing it to short out.  I removed this, and that fixed the breaker tripping.  the hot tub now turns on and stays on, calls for heat, but the heater doesnt seem to be working or turning on, temp is not climbing, and neither light on the heater comes on.  The heater does look to be newer, and I believe an updated (all encased), model?  the ohms between the two heater wires reads about 10.5, and it looks like I am getting 120v through each wire to the heater posts.   Not sure what else to check before looking into replacing the heater.  The blower motor is also disconnected, and when I tried connecting it, it immediately trips the breaker when the breaker is turned on.  the hot tub is supposed to have a 90 day warranty, but the guy I got it from is being a flake, and dont really want him messing with it any further, since he personally replaced all those parts, and saw nothing wrong with the way it was wired up..... Unfortunately I didnt start finding these issues until after it was delivered and he was long gone.  Sorry for the long post, but wanted to share my saga so far, and provide as much context as possible.  I will be out of town for the next week and unable to do any further diagnostics until then, but wanted to get some ideas on things to check when I get back to it.  thanks for any insight.  Jim






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