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Advice in selecting new controller


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Hey guys,


I recently bought a 2006 Viking Heritage 2 Hot tub that needs a lot of work. I'm in the process of removing all of the insulation due to multiple leaks and both motors are shot.

The current system is a 2 pump setup: (1) PF-50-1N22C and (1) PF-50-2N22C - No circulation pump, no blower.


I plan on replacing all of the guts so while I'm fixing the hot tub so I'd like to update the controller with a digital controller as well as the addition of a circulation pump - being that the original system didnt have a circulation pump, does that change the need for motor types for the jets?

I'd also like to understand more about the old two speed motors that were on the unit - Are 2 speed motors simply 2 speeds so they can circulate water for heating cycles and cleaning cycles on one speed and then jets on the second speed? or are they two speeds for "pressure" at the jets? I'm imagining its both, where one of my motors did circulation and jets, and the other was simply two speeds, (I'm assuming because they're two different serials, but thats just a guess). 

That said, do I need two speed pumps if I'm adding a circulation pump?

Sorry if this is mind numbing questions, but I'm hoping to build something that will last a good 5-10 years with good function and efficiency.

Thanks for your help in 







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7 hours ago, Mykkah said:

I'm imagining its both

Yes..one speed for filtering and heating and high speed for pressure but some like low speed pressure as well to enjoy. Pumps can be rebuilt fairly easy and not much money in parts. New seals, impeller and front bearing if needed. Go by the white sticker on the motor and look at the amp draw to know what "hp" impeller you need. I would not change over to a circ pump and I would make what is there work both pack and pumps. Post photos of the white stickers on the motor and also the circuit board and the schematic on the inside cover. 

Why change to a circ pump what's your reasoning?

To reinsulate I would use rigid board insulation around the perimeter.

Looks like you did a pretty good job removing the old foam...how did you do it?

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I was assuming most modern tubs come with a circulation pump to be more energy efficient? If that’s not a huge savings it’d be easier to forgo, but I’m open to using the best approach. This tub is going to be used year round here in Ohio so I guess I was thinking a circ pump would make it less wear and tear on the cycling? Again just assumptions so please chime in.

the previous owner said the motors are shot due to shaft corrosion and couldn’t be rebuild which is why I was asking about motors.

great advise about the rigid foam, I got to replace the bottom on this so I could buy a sheet on the bottom as well. I definitely don’t ever what to have to remove this spray foam again that’s for sure! To get it of I used a zero degree nozzle on a pressure washer… cuts the foam but not the tub or hoses!

I was hoping to get a controller with Wi-Fi, but if you think a circ pump is a waste of time maybe I’ll stick with what I have? It’d be nice to go digital, but not a must?







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Does anyone know what the difference in the pump serials are? One is a PF-50-1N22C and the other is a PF-50-2N22C... When looking to replace these I can seem to see that there's a difference in the motors?

i believe they’re the same motors apart from speeds. If that’s the case I can’t find that set up in a single speed… can you use a 2 speed motor where a single speed was used? 

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