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Flo error 2002 Sundance Optima solid not blinking

Don R

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Hi I have a 2002 Sundance Optima.  Was getting a blinking from error (flo temp) back and forth.  Finally figured out it was the circ pump.  Replaced the Circ pump worked fine for a day.  Now I am getting a solid FLO error.  Nothing works with the solid flo error.  If I reset the breaker it goes away but eventually comes back.  I also recently replaced the Flo switch and cleaned the filter.  Not sure what the solid flo error means?  Thanks for any help

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Tried the suggestions above.  I replaced the flo switch same result.   Took out the filter and let tub run still had flo error.

Any more suggestions would be welcome.  It runs for a little bit  when I turn off and restore power and then I get a sold flo error not flashing.  Circ pump is running but nothing else works.

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Sometimes that switch can be screwed in too far and contact the bottom of the pipe, caising it to stick closed or open.

The fact that it runs for a little while then catches an error suggests a board issue. Post pics of the circuit board and a close up of the e-prom (black rectangle with a white sticker about pinky sized).

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