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2004 Sundance Altamar, leak inside of shell under filter.

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I do remember seeing this little chip in the "floor" under the filter in my Altamar in the past, but have not noticed a leak in the motor/control area until now.  Either I was oblivious or the water has just worked it's way through the insulation now.  Where the water is coming out over the motor is about a foot away (horizontally) from where this chip is so I believe that this is where the leak is from.  Draining it now to just past the point of the bottom of the filter cavity and will check in a couple of days to see if the leak stops.  If so I will do the blue food color/water thing and see if blue water drips down.

If so, can anybody recommend a patch/sealant material for this?  Doesn't have to look great as nobody ever sees this area unless the filter is out but it does have to seal perfectly.  The chip is very small- no bigger than the inside circumference of a drinking straw.  As I said, it's been there a while but I have no idea what caused it.  I can't have water dripping on the newly rebuilt motor anymore!


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