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Maxxus 880 FLO and PUMP #2 ISSUE

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My new display reads FLO indicating a flow obstruction. I believe this is an issue based on the fact that the two speed pump does not go into low speed on its own?  I removed the filter and nothing changes. I can shut off the spa at the breaker and then it resets but a few minutes later it gives me the FLO message  (please note that the FLOW switch has been replaced before and it is relatively new.) When the spa was working fine it would engage all of the pumps in succession during filtration cycle to agitate the water. ATM it only switches on Pump 1 to agitate the water.

Second issue, Pump #2, a a single stage pump isn't functioning on the button press. I can hear the interlock click when the pump 2 button is pressed however the pump does not start. Pump 1 and 3 do turn on when switched on. 

Caveats- All of the pumps have been replaced. Motherboard is relatively new.

I am attaching the manual to this post. Page 44 is specific to the wiring diagram.


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Pictures of the spa pack, wiring diagram found on the inside cover and pictures of the equipment area, please! The manual is not of any use as it's simply how to wire it to the house supply. We need to see the circuit board and how the jumpers and dip switches are set as well as the actual wiring connected to it.

As the main board has been replaced, it could be as simple as a jumper or switch setting being incorrect.

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