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Breaker pops instantly when flipped but not when motor is unplugged from circuit board

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I replaced the motor about a year ago and thing were running well but recently I noticed it was not running. The breaker had popped and when I tried to flip it, it pops instantly. I unplugged the motor from the circuit board and this allows me to reset the breaker. 

I am looking for hints on what to try first. Does it sound like something has gone wrong with the wiring to the motor?

I should note that the hot tub sits in a low area and gets a decent bit of water below it when I have a heavy rain. I feel like this would eventually cause a problem with the circuit board but the fact that the breaker doesn't pop when the motor is unplugged makes me unsure.

Any advice or thoughts are greatly appreciated! 

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Test for power coming off the circuit board using a multi meter with the pump disconnected and the pump ON indicator LED lit. Test both hi speed and low speed. If you get power to both hi and low speed at the same time you might have a stuck relay on the board. Relays can be replaced. If you get proper power off the board then the issue is at the pump. . If you think there is moisture in the pump causing the breaker trip you might want to try and dry it out with a fan, hair dryer and see if it helps. Otherwise you may have a short in the windings and require a new unit. More common with certain pumps. Post photo so we can see what you have.

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