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Sundance Spa - Grinding Noise + White Crystals on Pump

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We recently acquired a house with a 2018 Sundance Peyton hot tub.

breaker was found to be inoperable and replaced. This resulted in hot tub functioning. 

motor or pump (suspect the pump) has started making a grinding noise. Removed the panel to find a few things:

- white crystal stuff on pump

- pump spitting small amounts of water through holes

- small water dripping out of bottom of pump when switched off

- grinding noise of pump

find a video attached which I hope is helpful in identifying my root causes as well as how to resolve them.

this is our first hot tub ownership experience and hope to get this resolved asap  


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Video unavailable. Sounds like you need a pump rebuild. Impeller, Shaft Seal, face plate o-ring and front bearing. If the face plate of the pump is dripping at the screws it may have been frozen at some point and may be deformed as a result. If you are not DIY handy you might consider complete replacement. If you want recommendations for a pump post pics of the white tag on the motor as well as the complete pump where we can see the wet end of the pump and it's plumbing connections.

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