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Hot Springs Grandee Control Panel

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Hi.  I have a 2011 Grandee with a dim/blank control panel.  If I unplug/plug the RJ connector on the main control board it sometimes starts to work, but not all of the buttons function.  It seems that I can sometimes set the temp, but never get the jets to turn on.    I've attached the a pic of the control panel.


Any thoughts?


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So you're saying when you tinker with the connection it sometimes starts to work? 

Just a wild shot in the dark, but maybe consider turning off the spa and using some contact cleaner to clean both ends of the plug.  Let the contact cleaner dry completely, then try re-assembling and turning on the spa.  But I'm not an expert by any means -  you might need a replacement panel which might be discontinued for that generation (depending on what spa pack you have in that unit - it's a long story lol).

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