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Issue after using Chlorine Reducer

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I wonder if anyone has any advice.

I have a Lay-Z-Spa hot tub, and have recently been on holiday. Reading some advice online it mentioned about adding some additional chemicals whilst we were away, which I did, but on returning I noticed that the chlorine levels were still above what they should be. I bought some Chlorine Reducer from a local hot tub supplier and (given the bottle was suitable for 1,500 litres) only added the necessary for the size of my tub. On testing it a few hours later it had pretty much reduced the chlorine levels to zero.

I added some more chlorine, not a lot I grant, to see if this started to show anything and it didn't. A day later I added a teaspoon (when shocking it needs around 3-4 teaspoons) and it still read as zero on testing. yesterday I added another teaspoon and today still nothing showing as if there is ANY chlorine in it at all.

I am wondering if I need to shock the tub again to get it back to normal, has anyone been in a similar situation and had to do the same thing?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated


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