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Help identifying spa jet insert


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I'm working on a hot tub whose jet inserts have all begun to fail and pop out of their socket. The hot tub has a Balboa heater and control panel LCD, but as far as I can tell the tub itself is essentially "off brand". I can't find any information about the tub body itself aside from some generic Chinese manufacturer information printed on the inside of the tub.


The white portion of the jet measures 3 and 1/4 inches in length. The diameter of the white threads measures 1 and 5/8 inches. However, I don't think these jets screw into anything (at least I couldn't screw them back in) they have a snap clip at the base of them and that's what appears to have deteriorated to such an extent that they're all popping out now. The silver face piece measures 3 and 3/8 inches in diameter.


I've tried using the jet insert finder tool at SpaDepot.com -- must've looked at hundreds of different jet insert styles -- but nothing matches.


Anyone know how I might find replacement jet inserts?





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Any alternative ideas on what the jets might be? I reached out to Hot Tub Outpost and this is what they replied with:



Thank you for your email, sorry, not able to ID this jet, we do not recognize this as a jet that we have.


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All I could find... This has the right back but different face. https://www.boospa.net/en/directional-cristal-series-jet-3-85mm-screw-thread.html

Think this is the right face but wrong back and they could be switched around if you wanted to keep the look. https://www.boospa.net/en/jet-3-inox-pulsator-a-clipser-twin-roto.html


NOTE I did not look at your measurements or considered measurements of the ones I posted links to. 

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