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Jacuzzi J480 leak

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Thanks to the amazing advice from.. this forum, I successfully located and resolved the leaking waterfall on my loved Jacuzzi J480.

Sadly another leak has sprung.

I've checked behind all the panels and there is no obvious signs.  Pumps, pipes and joints are all good.  No obvious damp foam or wet staining.

So I am guessing I have either just not found it yet or it is something that can only be accessed on the base, such as the IX jet assembly.

Any tips on finding the culprit that I could do, and if it is in the base is it a job that I can tackle or do I need an expert?

Many thanks again for the previous help and thank you in advance for any help with this one.

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Not Saying this is your issue. The IX Jet Assembly has always been a Jacuzzi weak spot. It seems from my experience the tiny LEDs possibly get hot and cause tiny hairline fracturs. If you can get right up to it with a flashlight and get a good look you might see them. This repair if needed is one of the hardest repairs I come across and takes some skill and planning to get a new assembly to first reconnect to the plumbing and second to reconnect everything so that it sits flat and seals tight against the acrylic inside the bather area. If it is cockeyed even a little bit it will leak. Use lots of silicone between the ix let body and the acrylic. You only get one shot at it so dry fit and plan plan plan before glue. 

The base and side panels are part of the structure of the spa. Make sure to have all the side panels attached when standing it up. When stood up and the bottom is removed it might squat a bit. If the side panels are not on it could collapse. When reattaching try to tip the top back a bit to get the bottom back on. There also 2 drains that have to be disconnected before the bottom will come off that can be a real pain to reattach. In the past because the leaked water will fill the bottom pan it can be difficult to find exactly where the leak is coming from so I have had to tip the spa back down with the bottom off and get it up onto jack stands and/or blocks and add water back in to make it leak. Not Easy to do and I call in my Hot Tub Mover guys to help do it ($$). They often have to come 3 or 4 or 5 times to lift and lay down and lift and lay down. $$$ Can't do it on my own. Add min. $600+ to the repair.

You can also try and drain the spa down to just above the IX jet and see if it drains below it over a few days. Won't tell you 100% but is a possible indicator of where it is leaking. GOOD LUCK and please post your experience and what/where you find the leak to help the next guy.

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Thank you for all the advice.

I'm hoping it is not the issue.  It sounds a monster to fix.....

Jacuzzi have previously replaced the IX unit under warranty when the LED failed on the unit, that was 4 years ago.  Doesn't mean the unit or seal it hasn't failed since, am slightly suspicious in anything that has been previously touched.

I will keep digging and checking everything and keeping fingers crossed I find the issue.

Thank you again.

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Thank you.

Stupid question time:

1) drain, seal & cure, refill; or

2) leak fix product such as Marlig

3) sealant that can be used with tub full.

I'm assuming 1) but wanted to check. I know nothing about Marlig other than a post on the net.

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There are liquid products available (Stop Leak) and some have had limited short term success but it can also can gum up other parts. I do not recommend. Best shot at repair without standing it up is to  use a quality GE silicone (I use marine grade) and run a bead of silicone around where the jet body meets the acrylic. It's a hail mary but it's a $6 fix (if it works) compared to a $2000 repair. At this point you don't know where it leaks but if you think it's the IX Jet seal then give it a try. The IX Jet you can silicone it at the seal but if there are cracks inside the jet then it will still leak. If it doesn't work and you can't find it from the side panels then you are standing it up IMO. Best of luck.

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I have a j470 from 2011 which I bought leaking. I have confirmed It is from that centre LED jet. I have the tub drained. If I gently pour a cup of water into the LED jet, the water will pour out of the tube that the LED ribbon cable comes out of right by the right hand pump. Since mine leaks from the inside of the jet and not the seal  I assume my only fix is to replace that jet?  Flip up and remove and replace??

Didn’t mean to hijack this thread, but it’s the same leak. Try looking for the ribbon cable tube and see if it’s coming from there. I’ll post a picture tomorrow. 

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Odd, and hopefully better news on the leak. 

I turned off the tub yesterday evening in readiness to drain today after work.  18 hours later and the sign of water from the base has almost completely stopped. Weather conditions haven't changed so its not a case of the water drying faster off the floor.

I've taken a reading of the water level as a reference. 

Unless there is a further leak, this is pointing me to the circulation or heating system. I had checked both the circ pump and heater unit with no obvious signs.  I did notice a slight leak from air divertor knob on top last night, but thought this only came from secondary pump and no sign of leak underneath.

I will recheck the circ pump and heater, but any other suspect parts of the circulation loop to check?

For my learning, what loop does the circulation take when pumping?

Thank you again for any advice and information. 

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