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Equalizing Return Valve Pressures

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We had our fiberglass in ground pool installed 2 1/2 years ago. All of the pool equipment is Hayward. It originally had a 1 hp pump to feed 3 water features for the pool. 3 Returns, 2 Deck Jets, and 3 Bubblers inside the Tanning Ledge that waterfalls into the main pool.

We mainly have the Bubblers wide open to fill the Tanning Ledge and spill over into the pool and the Returns opened to direct the water flow towards the Skimmer.

Our issue has been, whenever we opened the Returns valve slightly, it would starve the water reaching the Bubblers valve and reduce the water going into the Tanning Ledge.

Not a problem, right? So, when our 2 year warranty was up on the pump, I bought a 1 1/2 hp pump. That boosted my overall pressure by about 7 lbs. So, I thought I had plenty of pressure to open all of the feature valves and be ok. When I did, all that happened was the Returns were flowing into the pool lile a bat out of hell, and the Deck Jets and Bubblers were stared for water again. And I might of lost 1 lbs of overall pressure, at the most.

So here is my thought and asking for confirmation and better plumbing design to equalize the pressure across the return valves. I THINK that having the return plumbing line closest to the Returns valve, the water takes the least path of resistance and stares the other 2 valves.

If I completely rebuild how the return plumbing feeds the 3 valves, would that resolve my issue?

Thank you in advance for your input.


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