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Spa jets are weak and no air is coming out

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We just refurbished our pool and the changes made to the I nground gunite spa are resulting in what we want. Previously we had a 1.5HP pump with 4 jets and there was plenty of pressure and the jets venturied without the blower on. Our contractor replumbed the piping (2-inch PVC for water and air) and added 6 jets (for a total of 10).  The flow out of the jets is very weak and there is no air getting pulled through. It is basically smooth flow when the pump is on. If the blower is on as well then there is air pushed through but the jets are still weak. As a note, a few of the jets are significantly weaker than the others. 

We replaced the pump with a 2.7 HP Jandy VSP but it still operates the same way. 

My contractor doesn’t seem to think anything is wrong with it despite the drastic negative change in performance. 

At this point, I don’t know what to do. Are there plugs that you can install in the  jet body instead of the nozzle to reduce total number of jets?  Could it be the plumbing?  

Let me know what information would be helpful. 



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