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Hayward Navigator top cone gear


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I’ve owned Hayward Navigators (2) for 20+ years. My newest is only a little over a year old. I’ve done more surgeries on these than most housewives of any city have had combined. It’s got a lot to f parts that wear.  I have an issue that I’ve never encountered before. It was turning in only one direction (dictated by the location of the suction hose in the side of the pool).  The top cone gear was not turning. I replaced the gearbox and the spindle gear that connects to the cone. I blew into the gearbox to ensure they were spinning, I turned the top cone to ensure it was spinning, and I put back into the pool. Same issue…not turning correctly and twisting the hose. 

I took it out, spun the top cone (which spun), and got into the pool to reconnect to the hose. After I submerged the vacuum and tried to turn the cone, it wouldn’t budge. I take it out, it turns, I submerge it, and it doesn’t turn. What the heck is going on?!  HELP!!

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