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Question about new in-ground liner fit

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Hello, my in-ground liner pool was built in 2001. It's a lazy L. I had my second liner put in last week (same pool company and same liner company as original). Pretty awesome for longevity of original!  Something about fit that doesn't seem right to me. I hoped to get some feedback here before I take this observation /concern to my pool folks and/or the liner company. With pool filled, in the shallow end, at the intersection of wall and floor, with my original liner, there was no play in that corner. The vinyl was tight into that corner. With the new liner, it is not tight, you can push your finger into it. I worry that the situation is prone to damage. I attached a sketch showing my estimation of the fit. It shows two curves, I believe the actual radius is somewhere between the two. As you can imagine, it's tricky to estimate that. Do you think this is problematic? Should I be concerned and take this observation to my pool folks and/or the liner company?


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