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Frog Chlorine Cycler

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Hi all,

we bought a house with a pool that has the frog mineral cycler and auto-chlorinater…the chlorine cycle lid has always been snug (you expect it to so it doesn’t leak), but this year we cannot get it off. I just read we should use a silicone lube periodically, so hopefully that helps us moving forward but…how do I get this darn cap off? I’ve tried tapping the tool with a mallet, employing my significantly stronger husband…any other suggestions?

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Hi Katelyn, sorry about the trouble with your cycler lid! I would suggest adding lubricant to the threads and giving the cap itself some gentle taps with your mallet. You’re definitely on the right track though—adding lubricant periodically will help going forward. When the O-ring hasn’t been lubricated in a while, it can take some force to get the lid off. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact our customer service team at 1-800-222-0169.

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